Flicker – Album Review


I was a HUGE fan of One Direction when they were still together as a band, and still support the former members as solo artists. I really enjoyed Niall Horan’s first solo album, “Flicker,” and decided to write what I thought about his chill and catchy tunes.

Flicker – Niall Horan Album Review

Practical Interview – Owaves


To secure my internship at Owaves, I was asked to choose a key influencer, write a sample blog post on them, draft social media posts, and find relevant online communities to share my blog piece. I chose the amazing Shay Mitchell to write about and conduct research on to creatively express her “Day in the Life.”

OWavesPractical Interview

Czech-ing out of Prague


I can’t believe that I am back in my childhood bedroom in California, and that only a few weeks ago, I was living abroad in the capital of the Czech Republic.

A place that I was so fortunate enough to call a home for the past four months. A place where I made friends from around the world. A place where I had my first internship. A place where I have created memories that I will cherish forever.


It honestly seems so incredibly cheesy to say this, but I truly believe that studying abroad really did change me as a person. I was thrown into an unfamiliar culture on January 31st, and I was forced to learn how to adapt as a student in the Czech Republic. I can safely say that I know how to navigate public transportation without looking at Google Maps! Those who personally know me know that that is HUGE. 


When I first started my journey in Prague, it was an icy tundra. I kid you not. I had to look like an Eskimo (pictured above) almost every day for the first few months. I could never live somewhere that becomes that cold. Granted, I am from California, so I am not used to that type of weather at all.

I was always so excited to visit new places in Prague, whether it be another castle, a cute coffee shop, or a museum. I was always down! I tried to take advantage of everything that Prague had to offer. However, I do want to come back in a couple of years with a loved one to show them around the most amazing city.


A bit of the Prague Castle.

One of my favorite memories include grabbing Burrito Loco with my friends at 2am after clubbing at Radost FM, Lucerna, or Rodeo. Nightlife is very big in Prague, especially in Prague 1 (similar to a district in the city). Dancing with my friends was always so much fun!

I also loved the cute little cafes that I discovered. I also loved the fact that so many of these cafes served alcohol as well. Very different from California. My roommate, Chelsea, and I ate at Coffee & Waffles all the time. I would always get the Nutella and Peanut Butter Waffle (pictured below).


Prague will always hold a special place in my heart, and I cannot wait to hopefully visit again sometime in the future. I had the most amazing time exploring Europe, and I HIGHLY recommend everyone to study abroad if they have the option.


So this is me. Czech-ing out of Prague.

XOXO, Christina ~